Download Shush 15.0 APK 2020 For Android

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Download Shush 15.0 APK 2020 For Android

Download Shush 15.0 APK 2017 For Android

Download Shush 15.0 APK 2020 For Android – It’s activated when you silence your ringer making use of the quantity switches (or various other methods). You do not should remember a special app! Just transform the ringer mode to mute or shake, as well as it automatically appears as well as asks you the length of time to stay silent. Never miss out on one more important call.

Great for course, the office, motion pictures and also sleep.

Disable Doze Setting for Shush 2020! on Marshmallow
Android 6 (Marshmallow) has a battery-saving attribute called Doze Setting which stops applications from obtaining alarm systems when the tool is idle for an amount of time. If Shush! cannot get its alarm, it cannot recover the volume at the requested time. To solve this, leave out Shush! from Doze Setting. See for in-depth actions describing how to do this.

Download Shush 15.0 APK 2017 For Android

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Why does Shush 2020! request for video camera approval?
Many electronic camera applications silence the ringer during video recording, and also it’s turbulent for the Shush! dialog to turn up during that time. As a result, when Shush! finds that the ringer has been silenced, it inspects whether the phone’s video camera is presently in use; if so, it does not show its dialog. In order to do this check, it requires authorization to access the cam.

Why does Shush 2020! request access to phone?
Recent versions of the supply Android phone app silence the ringer while making/receiving calls. To stop the Shush! popup dialog from appearing at this time, Shush! needs these consents to identify those scenarios.

Got Troubles?

  • If Shush 2020! does not pop up instantly, try rebooting. Likewise please note that after preliminary set up, or if you have uninstalled/reinstalled, you have to launch it manually from the app cabinet once so that it can sign up with the Android OS to be notified of ringer mode adjustments.
  • On Huawei devices, there is a “secured apps” feature which requires the user to select the apps which are permitted to run while the screen is off. If Shus!h is not allowed to run, it cannot bring back the volume at the asked for time if the display is off during that time. Go to Settings -> Advanced setups -> Battery Manager -> Secured apps
  • On Xiaomi Miui8 devices, when you make use of the volume down button, it reduces the volume to 0, yet does not change the ringer mode to silent, which is what triggers Shush! As a workaround, utilize a quick setups toggle to silence your ringer.
  • On Asus ZenFone tools, there is a built-in application called Auto-Start Manger, which by default protects against applications installed from the Play Store from running unless they are begun explicitly by the individual. Given that Shush! is started implicitly when you change the ringer setting, you need to configure Auto-Start Supervisor so that it enables Shush to run. See
  • Some other apps that silence the ringer also trigger Shush! to turn up. If this occurs, e-mail in addition to the various other app’s programmer, as well as we can repair it with each other (it’s simple).

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Download Shush 15.0 APK 2020 For Android

  • Latest Version: 15.0
  • Updated: January 7, 2020
  • Requires: Android 5.0 and up

Download  Shush 15.0 APK

Need old versions of com.publicobject.shush? Download the old apk files now:

  1. Shush 14.4 APK (Android: 2.0 and up, Updated: August 4, 2016)
  2. Shush 14.3 APK (Android: 2.0 and up, Updated: August 1, 2016)
  3. Shush 14.2 APK (Android: 2.0 and up, Updated: May 14, 2016)

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